Why CSR at Cousin Surgery ?

  • For it is education and business that are the main transformers of society


  • For we all need to put reason and meaning into the things we do!

Our motivations

We have the desire to generate movement and also have the opportunity to harmonise, emphasise and formalise actions and transformations.

Our ambitions

Selling implants that do as much good for those who receive them as for those who make them, minimising our impact on the environment”

“Adopting an ambitious and realistic CSR approach that is transversal and inclusive, that complies with the company’s mission and values”

Assess, certify and acknowledge​

Develop a strategy

In 2022, Cousin Surgery developed its roadmap for the next three years. This roadmap, One Cousin 2025, defines the company’s strategy, the objectives to be achieved and of course the means to be used.

3 pillars have been identified as priorities: Surgery & science, Market & customer and Operational excellence.

Our CSR policies

Because it is important to characterise and formalise our commitments, time, in 2022 we have drafted and implemented all our CSR policies around 5 pillars:

Onward to tomorrow

Towards a mission-driven society

To have a statutory purpose of a social or environmental nature in addition to profit-seeking.

Towards a perma-company

A development model that aims to create value, by jointly respecting three ethcial principles, inspired by permaculture:

– Caring for people

– Preserving the planet 

– Setting limits and sharong wealth

A sustainable model for a liveable future