Cousin Surgery

Cousin Biotech is the legal manufacturer of the medical devices proposed by Cousin Surgery

One cousin 2025 – Road to 2025

On the way to 2025…
On Thursday 21 July, all Cousin Surgery employees took part in an afternoon of work.

The programme included two highlights
– the presentation of the objectives and the OneCousin2025 roadmap
but above all
– the Climate Fresco: a giant collaborative workshop created by Cédric Ringenbach that allows everyone to better understand the climate challenges in order to take action.
This is an opportunity for the teams to dive into the subject, to take the time to identify the problems linked to the climate, but also to become actors and make proposals!

This initiative is in line with Cousin Surgery’s CSR policy and has already opened up many new perspectives…

The afternoon ended with a moment of convivial sharing… because that’s what working together is all about