our CSR commitments

Naturally committed to health and well-being, Cousin Surgery’s teams are also mobilised to meet the environmental and societal challenges facing our civilisation.

Reduction of the carbon footprint

Carbon footprint

Cousin Surgery has conducted a full carbon footprint assessment in 2019 and 2020. This assessment is the first step in a strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of implant production.

The long-term objective is to implement precise monitoring of the activity’s carbon footprint and to be able to communicate on the carbon impact of each implant produced, with a view to continuous improvement.

Employees committed to the planet

Our commitment to the future of the planet and the environment is reflected in our strategy to reduce our industrial carbon footprint, but also in the eco-responsible actions of our employees on a daily basis:

  • Reduction in the number of paper prints
  • Reuse of cardboard packaging
  • Waste separation
  • Protection of biodiversity through the establishment of a bee farm and a sheep pen.

Our target in 2030

Cousin Surgery has set itself ambitious targets and has already committed to reducing its CO2 emissions by 5.5% each year until 2030, reducing its emissions by 42%. Through these objectives, the company is committed to participating in the collective effort to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

This commitment will be achieved through the implementation of several projects for its activity:

  • Relocation of industrial processes in France to the Wervicq-Sud site
  • Reduction of the energy consumption of the industrial process by 20%.
  • Research into new sterilisation processes that are more respectful of the environment and health
  • Program to reduce cardboard and plastic packaging with eco-design methods
  • The paper leaflets have been replaced by an electronic version, which not only reduces our electronic impact but also allows surgeons to have the latest version by means of a QR code
  • Encouraging green travel through the provision of charging stations and the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles for travelling sales staff

C02 supercritique

As a designer and manufacturer of textile-based medical devices, our company is recognised for its commitment to innovation, particularly in terms of manufacturing processes. In this context, the company has positioned itself on the development of supercritical CO2 cleaning in order to ensure the cleanliness of its products.

In its supercritical state, carbon dioxide is as dense as a liquid with gas-like transport properties.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is qualified as “supercritical” when it is subjected to a temperature higher than 31.0°C and a pressure higher than 73.85 bar. In this field, CO2 is of interest for cleaning due to its liquid-like and gas-like behaviour, making it a high solvent power agent with a high diffusivity. In addition, supercritical CO2  has a known biocidal effect which is recognised in the literature.

The adventure began in 2017 with the desire to drastically reduce the consumption of ether, the solvent used in the current implant cleaning process. Indeed, although its effectiveness is no longer in question, ether has many disadvantages, including its danger and its significant impact on the environment.

In this logic, supercritical CO2 is an ideal candidate for cleaning, especially from an environmental point of view. Its supply is simple, its conditions of passage in the supercritical domain easily attainable, CO2 can be evacuated into the atmosphere without any particular problem as a “zero waste” fluid

Commitment to employment and skills development

Professional and personal development are at the heart of our development strategy, our recruitment and our management.

Cousin Surgery, commited to youth

Cousin Surgery has a very active recruitment policy for young graduates. . During the year 2021, the company welcomed a total of 26 students from different fields and academic levels: niveau scolaires différents:

Cousin Surgery is committed to learning and education through various actions:

  • Welcoming students as part of the textile week organised by UITH Nord.
  • Courses given by our regulatory manager as part of the Master 2 medical devices course at the University of Lille.

Skills development

Throughout the year, Cousin Surgery invests heavily in the training of its employees.

our CSR commitments

Why CSR at Cousin Surgery ?

At Cousin Surgery, it is education and business that are the main transformers of society, we all need to put reason and meaning into the things we do!

Our motivations

We have the desire to generate movement and also have the opportunity to harmonise, emphasise and formalise actions and transformations

Our ambitions

« Selling implants that do as much good for those who receive them as far those who make them, minimising our impact on the environment »

« Adopting an ambitious and realistic CSR approach that is transversal and inclusive that complies with the company’s mission and values »

Our CSR policies

Because it is important to characterise and formalise our commitments, time, in 2022 we have drafted and implemented all ou CSR policies around 5 pillars : 

Assess, certify and acknowledge

Naturally committed to health and well-being, Cousin Surgery’s teams are also mobilized to address the environmental and societal challenges facing our world

Develop a strategy

In 2022, Cousin Surgery developed its roadmap for the next three years. This roadmap, One Cousin 2025, defines the company’s strategy, the objectives to be achieved and of course the means to be used. 

3 pillars have been identified as priorities: Surgery & science, Market & customer and Operational excellence. 

Onward to tomorrow

Towards a mission-driven society

To have a statutory purpose of a social or environmental nature in addition to profit-seeking.

Towards a perma-company

A development model that aims to create value, by jointly respecting three ethcial principles, inspired by permaculture :

– Caring for people

– Preserving the planet 

– Setting limits and sharong wealth

A sustainable model for a liveable future