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Cousin Surgery takes over FR2D

Cousin Medical Group completes its first external growth with the acquisition of France Rachis Distribution et Développement. This transaction is a deal of major strategic interest andstrengthens its position in the spine area.

Founded in 2009 and located near Bordeaux, FR2D is a French distributor of implants and surgical equipment for spinal surgery. The product portfolio is distributed by seven salespersons spread throughout France, under the supervision of a top manager Erik Boulard. Products distributed by FR2D mainly comes from French manufacturers and addresses conditions of the spine. This comprehensive offering has enabled FR2D to become a significant player highly recognised by French surgeons.

FR2D has been the Cousin Medical Group’s exclusive distributor of spine products in France since 2009. Cousin products account for half of FR2D’s sales. The two companies, which already know each other very well, have decided to merge. Cousin Medical Group will thus regain control of the distribution in France of spine products, which represent a strategic therapeutic sector. This may enable the Group to consolidate its market share and support the launch of recent products of its proprietary range.

Erik Boulard, FR2D’s manager and major shareholder, will join the Cousin Medical Group with a cross- functional role to support the development of the spine business: his in-depth knowledge of the sector, his technical skill and his network of KOLs and prescribers will be a key asset in growing this business, especially abroad.

FR2D has experienced a very strong growth over the last three years, with €4 million in sales forecast by the end of 2019. The takeover was partially financed by calling an additional debt from the existing banking pool of Cousin Medical Group.

François Tortel and François Henin, respectively Chairman and CEO, of the Cousin Medical Group, explain: “The strong interdependence that has historically existed between Cousin Medical Group and FR2D as well as the relationship that ties us to its leader Erik Boulard naturally led us to consider this acquisition. How well the teams complement each other as well as their expertise allow us to be extremely optimistic about our international development. We are pleased to have been able to complete this transaction as quickly as we did, thanks in particular to the support of Turenne Santé, a real growth engine.”

Benoit Pastour, CEO of the Turenne Group, and Raquel Pires, Investment Director of Turenne Santé, point out: “Cousin Medical Group is the second investment of FPCI Capital Santé 2. Coming just six months after the Turenne Group became the company’s majority shareholder, this external growth transaction will promote the group’s development in the area of spine conditions”.