Adhesix® Bioring®

Adjustable gastric band with self-adhesive port

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Adhesix® Bioring® is an adjustable gastric band treating obesity by a mini-invasive and reversible surgical technique.

This device is MRI compatible. An attestation is available on demand if necessary. You can ask for it via the contact page of the website.

The Adhesix® Bioring® adjustable gastric band system is indicated for the reduction of excess body weight in persons affected with morbid obesity, persons whose Body Mass Index is greater than or equal to 40 kg/m², or 35 to 40 kg/m² when combined with at least one comorbidity.

Technical features


The Adhesix® Bioring® kit is composed of:

  • A radiopaque body
  • A radiopaque self-adhesive injection port
  • A radiopaque non-absorbable catheter
  • A catheter rinser
  • A gripping tag
  • A stiffener
Ref. Size (cm)
BCB RI20 AD U Ø 2,3
BCB RI23 AD U Ø 2,8

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