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Publié le 29 October 2021

Cousin Surgery accelerates its industrial development with the support of France Relance

Cousin Surgery is one of the winners of the “Critical Industrial Sectors” call for projects (AAP). Its project, “Cousin Reboost”, obtained public funding of €1.9 million out of a total investment of €5.9 million.

The “Cousin Reboost” project aims to modernise the production tool for implantable medical devices at the Wervicq-Sud site. It also aims to relocate a large part of the production chain to the Hauts de France.

The result: increased industrial capacity, better control of traceability and a significant acceleration in the company’s development. Cousin Surgery plans to hire ten people immediately and to double its production capacity from 200,000 to 400,000 implants per year.

New industrial knitting capacity developed in France

The project includes in particular the development in France of innovative technical knitting capacities on widths adapted to the medical sector, to allow the cleaning and sterilisation of implants. Priority is given to local investment, with the repatriation of several production lines to the Wervicq-Sud site in the Hauts de France and an industrial partnership.

Transforming, digitalising and accelerating the industrial production of textile implants

With its project, Cousin Surgery is setting up ultra-fast digitalized production lines of the Fast-Lane type, which will make it possible to reduce certain production times from 3 weeks to 48 hours.

The launch of several innovative implants

The project finances the production of several innovative implants developed by Cousin Surgery for visceral and spinal surgery.

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